Stocking goods and raw materials into the warehouse to wait for sale or production. This process takes place immediately after goods and raw materials are purchased and imported. The warehousing process is quite important and will help managers monitor and control the number of goods they own
 Warehouse entry is an important feature of warehouse management software, helping businesses monitor and control the import of products into the warehouse. Some highlights of the Import Warehouse: - Create import step: Enter product information (create new product): Allows users to enter detailed information about the product such as name, product code, import price, selling price, unit cost, packaging process, unit of property , ...

- Select supplier/supplier:

Linking products with suppliers helps businesses easily track the origin and manage relationships with suppliers.
- Inventory Quantity Control:

Automatic inventory update: Inventory quantity is automatically updated after approval of receipts, helping warehouse managers have an accurate view of inventory.
- Connect a peripheral device such as a barcode machine to support barcode scanning:

Allows the use of barcode scanning devices to quickly enter product information into the system without manual input.
- Warehouse Confirmation:

Confirmation process: This function ensures that only confirmed warehouse receipts are counted as successfully entered into the warehouse.

- Prepare monthly import and export reports

Warehouse import and export report: This feature allows creating reports on the warehouse import and export process, including the month and corresponding import and export value.

- Track Transaction Details:

Warehouse receipt history: Stores detailed history of each warehouse receipt, including information about date and time, who performed it, and any changes in product information, status, and order payment history row

The warehouse import feature in warehouse management software not only helps improve management efficiency but also ensures accuracy and transparency in the business's inventory management process.