Airline Ticket Booking and Hotel Room Management System

Airline Ticket Booking and Hotel Room Management System

The software enables real-time checking and online booking of domestic airlines (Vietnam Airlines, VietJet, Jetstar), as well as international airlines. The system processes in real-time and generates a code allowing agents to reserve seats.

It integrates an online hotel room reservation management system with SMS functionality. When a user books a room and pays a deposit, the system sends SMS notifications to both the customer and the hotel to prepare the room for the guest.

The tour system allows users to book tours for families, companies, or individual tours. After users book individual tours, the system autonomously combines tours and allows sales staff to create tours, including booking hotel rooms, airline tickets, and travel itineraries for the group.

The system provides a module to monitor and manage hotel rooms.

Modules and features include:

Flight Booking Module:

Check and retrieve flight information for domestic airlines.

Online booking and seat reservation connectivity.

Hotel Module:

Lobby management.

Room management.

Check-in, Check-out.

Revenue management.

Profit management.

Room reservation management.

Daily price management.

Invoices and receipts.

Accounting data reports.

Statistical reporting features, integrated with online payment gateways